Marta V. Martínez

Fronteras | Borders

I live in Warwick, Rhode Island, work in Providence and am of Mexican heritage. I’m bilingual and bicultural — I don’t remember ever having a problem communicating in either language, and find it to be a great asset. I read, write and speak English and Spanish equally. Equally well or equally badly: that’s for others to decide.

I’m also fluent in Sign Language, which I guess makes me trilingual.

I grew up in El Paso, Texas with my parents, three sisters and brother. My baby sister was born while I was a senior in high school. It was around that time that I felt a strong desire to explore the world and that’s how I ended up at Providence College. My dream was to become a television Journalist and hoped to be a mentor and inspire other women to do the same. But, since PC did not have a Broadcast Journalism major, I chose to be an English major. That exposed me to many talented writers on the PC campus who might have become my mentors had they been able to understand what it was like to be a Latina.

An internship during my Junior year in college gave me an opportunity to work in television, and it was then that I realized it was not the profession I wanted after all. What that experience taught me was that working behind the scenes was more powerful than being in front of a camera.

In 2015, embarked on a personal journey to explore borders through the lens of a camera and to record the stories of people, places and situations on these borders. This website is my photographic journal and writings as I explore how the arts transform and shape border life and in turn, how all this has shaped who I am today.